Our vision is to give every bride the wedding of her dreams at an affordable price. "Die Kasteel" is a unique destination, ideal for birthday celebrations, weddings, and themed parties. It includes an option for accommodation for up to 50 people, and a further 30 people can be accommodated in the area.  Take all the worry out of your wedding planning. We offer three themes, "Nature inspired", "Classic" and "Vintage:. Our venue hire includes all cutlery, decor and a fully equipped kitchen.  Get ready on the premises, or hold a weekend long party

We want to stay over and have fun!



Experience a true South African farm stay by selecting on of the 8 guesthouses on offer during your special event. All accommodation options are self catering. Houses are fully equipped, and decorated in harmony with the special theme of the house.

We want to get married! 

We offer three themes, Nature inspired, Classical and Vintage. Our venue hire includes all cutlery and crockery, a selection of décor items, a fully equipped kitchen, and premises if fully licenses to serve alcoholic beverages. Get ready on the premises, and hold a weekend long party

We want to Party!


We are able to assist you with informal birthday celebrations, or more formal functions for special occasions.

“Die Kasteel” is the ideal setting for special medieval themed celebration. We also have a selection of Medieval costumes for hire for the party. A choice from menus that include typical medieval fare and special “elixir” ensures the success of your party